Give Your Holiday Table a Fresh Look with Casale Blue

Article By Stephen Milioti
Villeroy & Boch Casale Blu

“The holidays hold so much meaning for so many people,” says Isabelle von Boch. “But beyond that, the holiday season — especially Thanksgiving — has become one of those rare times when entire families sit around a table for an extended period of time to enjoy a meal.”

Because it’s a rare moment for people to slow down, set their phones aside (hopefully) and enjoy time together, the table has to be memorable. And this year, Villeroy & Boch has reimagined the holiday table’s traditional aesthetic in a cooler set of hues. “It’ll make you look at the holidays in a different way, with fresh eyes,” says von Boch, the company’s brand ambassador and an eighth-generation member of its founding family.

Enter Casale Blu

Casale BlueEnter Casale Blu: defined by saturated-yet-subtle blue tones, it evokes the graphic decorative style of traditional Italian ceramics (specifically, those practiced in the Umbrian town of Deruta since the 12th century). But, as with so many Villeroy & Boch lines, this style, while historically relevant, is made contemporary enough to fit perfectly into any table or décor style. And we’d like to present it as the basis for not only the Thanksgiving table this year, but the rest of the festive season, including Christmas or Hanukkah.

“I’m always fond of formalizing the casual, and casualizing the formal,” says von Boch. And, ironically, Casale Blu will do both for the holiday table: Its bowls and plates, with their eye-catching color and graphic details, add European flair to any space you grace them with.

When it comes to setting your table with Casale Blu, von Boch’s advice, as always, is to mix and match within the collection. And this collection makes that very easy (and fun) to do. The primary blue color is peppered with accents of yellow or green in four distinct patterns. Mix plates, bowls, cups, and more in different patterns, even within settings, and you’ll evoke the Italian way of life — aesthetically beautiful yet effortlessly laid-back.

Into this “perfectly mismatched” look, add some bold blue or green glass accents (like the Verso vase, in the bold “Caribbean Sea” color). Beyond that, von Boch recommends introducing natural elements into the mix, for a richly textured, undeniably autumnal look and feel. Woven jute or sisal placemats, wooden serving bowls and utensils (like an acacia plate or salad servers from the Artesano Original line), and even stone accents will bring nature in, adding a relaxed tone to this inspired, global look. The result: a setting in which you’ll want to linger for hours, making memories — and setting some new holiday traditions.

How to Use Your Dinnerware in Unexpected Ways

If you are anything like us, you have more than one dinnerware pattern, and you’ve likely designated each pattern for a certain use: one for formal occasions, one for everyday dining and one for dessert or brunch parties.

Have you ever thought of using your dinnerware in unexpected ways? Taking your feminine breakfast set and serving it at an evening get-together, for example, is a great way to shake things up and add some fun to your entertaining style.

Here are three ideas for using your dinnerware in a fresh and exciting way.

Bring Your Dinnerware from Day to Night

A feminine pattern, such as Rose Cottage, is usually reserved for daytime desserts and tea parties. Sweet treats look wonderful when paired with soft pastels and florals, so it is an obvious choice for such service. Taking this type of dinnerware from day to night would thrill guests’ senses, as it would be a completely unexpected spin. Pair a distinctly feminine pattern with darker, more masculine accent pieces to create stunningly beautiful evening meals.

Rose Cottage

Collection Shown: Rose Cottage



Bring Your Dinnerware from Everyday to Special Occasions

You selected your everyday dinnerware with care. It spoke to you because it had that home-sweet-home feel. So, why hide it away for special occasions or holidays? Show off your family’s favorite dinnerware by dressing it up with crystal glassware, elegant candelabras and fancy table runners to create an exquisitely formal setting.

Old Luxembourg

Collection Shown: Old Luxembourg



Bring Your Fine China to Everyday Settings

Similar to your everyday dinnerware, your fine premium bone porcelain, likely a wedding gift, holds a special place in your heart. Do not reserve these beautiful pieces for use only on holidays or special occasions. Take the settings out of the cupboard and enjoy them for everyday occasions. One great idea: mix and match your premium bone porcelain with your mugs to serve tea in style.


Collection Shown: Samarkand


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Easy Ways to Update Your Table with Every Season

Changing your tablescape often is a great way to bring seasonality to your home and keep your décor scheme fresh throughout the entire year. With these three easy steps, you can transform your table’s look for every occasion.

Villeroy & Boch tablescape

1. Create a Versatile Base

First, you must create a versatile base. All-white dinnerware is the perfect solution for a hostess who constantly wants to change her table’s appearance. White dinnerware will never go out of style and you will be able to transform its look with other china patterns or by simply swapping in accessories. This versatile dinnerware can be dressed up or down to fit the theme of any dinner party, from casual to formal.


2. Layer in Decor

Salad Plates from Villeroy & BochNext, add a few accent pieces. Layering in decorated salad plates and bowls will add a special look to your table whether you are mixing it up from season to season or even meal to meal. Start to collect salad plates and bowls (whether they be pasta, cereal or rim soup bowls) in patterns that speak to you. If you love a classic pattern, grab six salad plates in that décor for an easy elegant dinnertime swap. If you come across a country-chic pattern that makes you feel at home, grab a few bowls with that décor. Simply layering these items atop your white dinner plates will transform your table’s look instantly.


3. Accessorize

Finally, accessorize away! Linens, textiles, crystal and silver will add new life to your table time and again. For the spring, opt for pastel linens and blooming flowers in glass vases. In the summer, mix in blues and beach-themed centerpiece items such as seashells. In the fall, start to mix in warmer colors and natural elements. In the winter, capture the elegance of the season with crystal candle holders and silver accent pieces.


With these effortless steps, you can bring your dining table from season to season, mood to mood, and into holidays with ease. You’ll keep your guests guessing and will never grow tired of your table’s look!