3 Tips For Healthy Eating

Spring has finally arrived, which means summer is not too far off. The warm weather and anticipation of beach season (and beach attire) usually means we all are ready to re-visit our New Year Resolutions of healthy eating. Since food and dining is a huge part of our culture here at Villeroy & Boch, we have come up with wonderful tips for our fellow foodies for inspiring healthier lifestyles with the smart and stylish use of our favorite dinnerware.

1. Use fashionably decorated glasses
There’s something about fancy glassware that makes us want to sip beverages all day long. Fill exquisite glasses with water to stay hydrated throughout the day. Pour healthy smoothies into decorated tumblers, or sip herbal teas from pretty mugs. With fancy drinkware, every sip will feel toast-worthy.

healthy eating tips

2. Update your kitchen tools and cookware collection
We all know how preparing meals with dull knives, stained bakeware and outdated tools can be a long and inconvenient process. But, being healthy means enjoying balanced, nutritious home-cooked meals. By simply updating your cooking tools, you could be inspired to skip takeout altogether.

healthy eating tips

3. Use appetizer plates
Appetizer plates are a secret weapon! Indulgences like steak, lasagna and other hearty entrees do not have to be cut out of your diet completely. But it may be a good idea to eat smaller portions of these types of foods. Instead of using traditional dinner plates, set out smaller appetizer plates when serving hearty dinners to inspire smaller portion sizes.

healthy eating tips
How are you using dinnerware to inspire healthier eating? Share your spring slimdown secrets with us on Instagram or in the comments below.

Get The Look: Christian Grey’s Dinner Table

Movie goers this weekend were fascinated by the extravagant penthouse that 50 Shades of Grey‘s leading man, Christian Grey, calls home. Grey’s apartment is completely decked out with lavish details. From the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling windows, to the luxurious grand piano and marble floors, it is quite obvious that when it comes to home decor, Christian Grey is a man who enjoys the finer things in life.

Get Christian Grey's Dinnerware

In one of the scenes from the movie, something caught our eye. We could not help but notice some classic tableware that looks a lot like pieces from our Anmut My Colour Rocky Grey and Anmut collections. We approve or your style, Mr. Grey.

If this enviable penthouse has you inspired, then we have the ability to help you fulfill your fanciest décor fantasies- when it comes to your tabletop anyway. In fact, Grey’s tabletop décor scheme can be emulated in your own home with a few products from our 50 Shades of Grey tabletop inspirations.

Get the look with these must-have pieces:










Marsala! PANTONE® Color of the Year Inspires Us Year-Round

A new year is always a chance for a fresh new start, and for the style-savvy among us, that also means it is the perfect time to introduce a whole new décor scheme in our homes. What better way to welcome 2015 than to deck the halls with the new year’s number one color? The PANTONE® Color of the Year was released last week and here at Villeroy & Boch, we could not be more excited.


This earthy hue was described as ,“a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth,” by the Pantone Color Institute®’s Executive Director, Leatrice Eiseman, and we agree whole-heartedly. We cannot get enough of this warming tone that brings an air of sophistication to any setting that it adorns. (It also warms our hearts to know that 2015’s favorite tint shares pigmentation with one of our favorite things- red wine- which we can now drink in style all year long!)

Stay Trendy Through 2015 With the Color of the Year: Marsala

To help you enjoy the Color of the Year throughout 2015, we have put together a guide for how to stay in style year-round with some of our favorite, appropriately-colored products.

1st Winter 2015

Yes, the weather outside may be frightful, but on the inside of your home, Marsala-hued delights can abound to warm the hearts and souls of all visitors. Come January we are all in recuperation mode from the holidays, and what better way to wind down than with your favorite healthy, flavorsome teas? Invite your friends over for some detoxing and serve up your favorite teas in high fashion with our lovely Mariefleur Kitchen Tea Kettle. Warm drinks on a cold night centered around this beautiful teapot will bring a much-welcomed calmness to the new year, which is needed after all the holiday chaos.

For the upscale hostess, these colored linens will tie in the PANTONE Color of the Year even further during the most exquisite of tea parties.


Spring 2015

The snow has melted away and flowers are in full bloom. While our favorite flowers come in all sorts of beautiful colors, don’t forget to tie in 2015’s main hue. You can display your favorite bouquets in our Nek Bottle or Numa Square Vase to keep this year’s color front and center in your springtime decor scheme.


Summer 2015

Summer is the time for vibrancy, so it’s perfectly fine to step away from the monochromatic for this season. Show your fun side at summertime barbeques with our Artesano Provencal Verdure, Petite Fleur or Anmut Bloom dinnerware where this year’s color is represented in small, tactful bursts.

If you desire just a bit more Marsala flair for your summer soirée, serve icy-cold drinks in our Colour Concept highball glasses and tumblers for an exceptionally chic cocktail hour.


Fall 2015

When that long-lost chill resurfaces in the air, Marsala recaptures its warm, nurturing qualities. Welcome the chilly weather in style by waking up with a glass of coffee in our New Wave Caffe London Mug. Get the mug and sip your morning java like the well-traveled fashionista that you are!


2nd Winter 2015

Bid a warm welcome to the holiday season and kick off the festivities by hosting a cocktail party. Just add your favorite red wine to our Purismo Red Wine Decanter and set it out to create an interactive, Marsala-colored centerpiece that your guests will literally not be able to get enough of! Just be sure that you refill often so that our favorite hue never fades.


Since this is the last time that the 2015 PANTONE Color of the Year will be in the spotlight, we recommend adding a bit of an extra pop of the color while hosting year-end events. Bring out all the items you have used all year, and let the rich, warm elegance of Marsala create the perfect atmosphere for your holiday gatherings.


To see all of our products that match or compliment PANTONE’s 2015 Color of the Year, please click here.