Get The Look: Christian Grey’s Dinner Table

Movie goers this weekend were fascinated by the extravagant penthouse that 50 Shades of Grey‘s leading man, Christian Grey, calls home. Grey’s apartment is completely decked out with lavish details. From the breathtaking floor-to-ceiling windows, to the luxurious grand piano and marble floors, it is quite obvious that when it comes to home decor, Christian Grey is a man who enjoys the finer things in life.

Get Christian Grey's Dinnerware

In one of the scenes from the movie, something caught our eye. We could not help but notice some classic tableware that looks a lot like pieces from our Anmut My Colour Rocky Grey and Anmut collections. We approve or your style, Mr. Grey.

If this enviable penthouse has you inspired, then we have the ability to help you fulfill your fanciest décor fantasies- when it comes to your tabletop anyway. In fact, Grey’s tabletop décor scheme can be emulated in your own home with a few products from our 50 Shades of Grey tabletop inspirations.

Get the look with these must-have pieces:










Vibrant Table Decor Schemes

We are ready to break through the winter blues! What better way than to introduce a colorful tablescape into the dining room? Below we have gathered some wonderfully vibrant table decor schemes to inspire your own tropical transformations. Enjoy!

Colorful Tablescape Ideas to Inspire Your Personal Tropical Paradise

Lina dinnerware

Inspiration: Lina


New Wave dinnerware

Inspiration: New Wave


Inspiration: Anmut


Amazonia dinnerware

Inspiration: Amazonia


Boston glassware

Inspiration: Boston Glassware


French Garden Dinnerware

Inspiration: French Garden


New Cottage dinnerware

Inspiration: New Cottage


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