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Villeroy & Boch Masterpiece: based on the NewWave Eye Catcher


Villeroy & Boch just previewed its latest collections at the Frankfurt Fair in Germany. The reaction from the audience was incredible. So many exciting new patterns, concepts and colors coming soon.

For starters, I have to rave about the “Masterpieces” collection. This is a line of limited edition pieces that celebrate Villeroy & Boch’s 265th anniversary. The collection highlights shapes from our current modern patterns: the NewWave Eye Catcher, the Flow Salad Bowl, and the Urban Nature Fruit Bridge.


Villeroy & Boch Masterpiece: based on the Flow Salad Bowl


Villeroy & Boch Masterpiece: based on the Urban Nature Fruit Bridge


In true Villeroy & Boch fashion, our designers have taken these current shapes and married them with the old world traditions on which Villeroy & Boch has securely built its foundation. Each shape is decorated with floral fragments from one of our very first pattern, Old Luxembourg…which is still in production today. Re-interpreted with elegant hues of grey and gilted details of gold, what an exciting mix of old world and new world!


There is one more detail to this story…and my personal favorite…the handwritten letter on each piece. This is letter dates back to 1780 and is from Pierre-Joseph Boch. My great, great-grandfather was Francois Boch who founded our company in 1748. His eldest son, Pierre-Joseph Boch created a secret formula for porcelain. And that is indeed what this handwritten letter is…part of the secret formula that put Villeroy & Boch on the map. This formula ensured durability, a brilliant white body and elegant, thin shapes. It was because of this formula, that Villeroy & Boch soon become the porcelain choice of European royalty. And, of course, it was this formula that catapulted Villeroy & Boch as the leader in dinnerware design.


Each piece is made in Germany, has a limited edition backstamp and is sure to be a collector’s item. Villeroy & Boch Masterpieces will be available later this year.

I am truly inspired by this mix of old world and new world. I think we all have antique pieces in our cupboards, whether from family members or from a fabulous vintage find. Bring them to the forefront with all of your current assortment and celebrate this long standing tradition of porcelain and tabletop design.

Cheers to you in good health and style,


  • Alex

    I am a avid Villeroy and Boch collector and user. I use her New Wave China everyday for my meals, I use her Amber Color Concept glasses for all my drinks ad her Urban Nature Wine Glasses for those time I have to relax with some red wine after work. I am excited about her new Masterpiece collection and looking forward to adding it to my collection as soon as possible.

    • Isabelle von Boch

      Great, Alex! I’d love to see photos of your collection. If you have any, post them on our Facebook page or send to:

  • terry goetz

    Thanks for the opportunity to send a message. I’ve been dismayed that so much product is being made in China, with the pieces I’ve received from those manufactories being of a quality NOT matching that which is in my cupboard now. The glazes are not smooth, the colors not true, and the thickness has been sad. I recently ordered the darling new Audun bowls in the Charming collection, with the fluted edges and needed to return them because of quality issues. Before this, I orderred pieces which had been produced in Indonesia, which also were disappointing as the toile images appeared faded. I kept them, but am not happy with them as a whole. They surely don’t match the pieces made in European factories. Now I’m afraid to order more pieces. Is there a way to find out where pieces are made before ordering?

    I’m a Villeroy and Boch devotee to be sure and have pieces from at least seven collections. I also understand economics and the necessity of keeping costs under control. Producing china in China should be a fine thing, because where did fine China start? China. However . . . . .

    Thanks for any input you can provide for me.

    terry goetz

    • Isabelle von Boch

      Hi Terry,
      Thank you for your feedback. We strive to provide best quality and always working to improve our customer’s experience. We are still producing much of our dinnerware in Germany and we are in the process of adding the country of origin to our eshop. If you continue to have any other problems, concerns or simply just feedback, please email directly

  • Roger

    I really hope these pieces will be available i n the US. I would love the eye catcher and would love to add it to my HUGE collection. Every time I bring another piece out to a function or party everyone is just amazed at how beautiful it is. I had a table set with Audun for a dinner party and everyone wanted to admire the dishes. It certainly made my food taste that mush better being served on such beautiful china!

    • Villeroy & Boch

      Hi Roger! Isn’t it so true? How you set your table really does make a difference. I have Audun at home too. 🙂 We will keep you posted on availabilty of these pieces in the USA.